Selling A Home Quickly…Possible?

Nigel Griffiths
1 min readJul 16, 2021


A couple of years ago, the housing market was not doing well. With the introduction of Covid, this has changed.

Covid has revolutionized the home buying process to make it easier and more convenient for both sellers and buyers to buy or sell their houses.

we buy houses Knoxville Tennessee — graphic of house with dollars above it

The ‘Traditional’ Way can take a lot of time.

Listing on multiple websites is an effective way of attracting more potential buyers.

All the listings will be seen by a wider audience, thus increasing the chance that someone will be interested in buying it from you for cash. Plus, with all the different information available about your property, it will be easier for potential buyers to make a decision and contact you about buying your house.

Cassidy Melhorn of Vol Homes said, “there are a lot of people in Knoxville and the surrounding area who are very keen to get out from the current burden of their home”.

The issue with the traditional way is that it is not quick! So if people are wanting to get out in a hurry it is very rarely possible. This is where a house buying company can be a life saver!